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Specialty Trailers - Coil Hauler

Cover Composite

Innovative Design. Fleet Proven. Durable Performance.
For over fifty years, Transcraft® Corporation has led the platform trailer industry in innovation and quality. Well-known for our line of Transcraft® and Benson® brand flatbed and drop deck trailers, we also provide specialty trailers that provide exceptional performance in specific freight hauls. One such trailer is the new and improved Transcraft® Coil Hauler. Specifically designed to transport metal coils, this trailer provides unmatched operational efficiency, reliability and handling.

Smooth Ride. Peace of Mind.
Transcraft® collaborated with the original engineering team to perfect the cradle system that delivers more reliability and longevity than ever before. With a natural low center of gravity, this trailer provides a smooth and stable ride.

Operational Efficiency. Lower Operating Costs.
The Transcraft® Coil Hauler eliminates the need for tarps while saving you valuable time. The canopy, constructed of Wabash National’s DuraPlate® composite material, protects freight while reducing loading and unloading times by approximately 30 minutes. In addition, the design includes a rubber-lined cradle system with a total payload capacity of 90,000 pounds, making it capable of transporting up to 80-inch-wide coils, while protecting freight from edge damage that can occur with more traditional trailer designs.

Freight Flexible.
In today’s operating environment, you need the ability to haul multiple types of freight with a single piece of equipment in order to get the most from your capital investment. The Transcraft® Coil Hauler has a removable, non-DOT rated bulkhead and optional load bars, to provide back-haul versatility.

Base Specs


Trailer dimensions: 48’ x 8’ x 9’
Weight: Approximately 13,500 lb
Payload capacity: 90,000 lb

Trailer Configuration

Tandem axle with 15’ rubber lined cradle
Removable steel bulkhead


DuraPlate® composite material 

Popular Options

Tridem axle with 17’ rubber lined cradle

Backhaul package